About us

As solely, we are an organization, which yearns to help all those in the field of immense technology by implementing extensive knowledge, reliable services, education, collective partnership and professional management.

About us


The FORnSEC Solutions is formed to provide Digital Forensic Services and Education to our Public and LEA for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.
The main aim of FORnSEC solutions is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the clients.
Our Team is fused with the Cyber Forensic Investigators, Counselors, Cyber Security Analyst, Consultants, and IT Experts. Phishing , Email Bombing , Hacking , Posting anonymous information on social media , these actions may become a high risk factor for business or for an individual , Immediate action is required to deal with such type of crimes and our specialists assist you to chase and trace the culprit and gather evidences for such type of crimes.

FORnSEC Solutions Is One of the Best Cyber Security Company In India.

Mr. Sachin Sathe

Who we are

Mr.Sachin Sathe started his journey in the field of cyber forensic in 2008 with a strong aim to develop and establish the Digital forensic services. He has an honor and privilege to serve cyber forensic services to the society and providing his best efforts and assisting the Government and Private people in their issues and solving them in the most effective way. He has over 10 years and above experience of cyber forensic and cyber security , with this he had met with most of the critical cases , and had solved all around 1000 0f government cases and 3000 of private cases. He had solved various cases right from Mobile Data Recovery , Hard disk Recovery , to Password removal and had also provided some services such as Cyber Security Audit , Corporate Investigation , Divorce Litigation and staff monitoring to the clientele. With this he is also an Adjoint Faculty of YCCE College Nagpur. He is also the member of The EC-Council Advisory Board for C|HFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator)( https://www.eccouncil.org/chfi-advisory-board/).
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