“CORONAVIRUS” - new weapon of Cyber Attackers...............................

“CORONAVIRUS” - new weapon of Cyber Attackers............................... Here we are currently experiencing a global threat -Coronavirus (COVID-19) , the threat which is been faced by people all around the world . COVID-19 has caused apprehension globally which has made ultimate lockdown, Shutting of Shops and malls, travel bans, shut down of offices, control on accumulation of people, and what not. COVID-19 fears have forced many companies into shutdown and letting their employees “Work from Home” all because to keep them secure and other people from this virus. The number of people going home quarantine has been increasing day by day. “Cyber Attackers/Hackers have taken this advantage and have started luring the people by their tricks.” As a major source of this outbreak is WHO( World health organization ) which gives you updates about the COVID-19 , fraudsters are now pretending to be the member of WHO while sending emails to potential clients and getting information from them. These links can install malware , steal your personal information ,can be a ransomware attack ,or an attempt to capture all your credentials. These cyber criminals are sending emails , links to various organizations and people while pretending to give information about the COVID-19 , and people with no other source then internet believe on this course and get hacked at no time. The other way rather then the emails is sending “Deadly Corona Virus Map”, where it assures you to give all information about how many people affected , how many cured , how many detaths occurred country/city/state wise. Once you click on the link your credentials are been sent to the hacker. In ,yet an another type of fraud , fraudsters are knowing it well that people now are in need of face mask to protect themselves from the current situation of COVID-19 , fraudsters have taken advantage of same and are sending emails to victims into thinking that they can order safe mask from this website , while getting their financial information , and sensitive personal information. We can protect ourselves by staying calm, and stay aware with the cyber frauds and not believing on fake news. Here are some tips which can keep you safe: - ✓ Do not click on any anonymous link, always remember that WHO does not send email from addresses ending in ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’. ✓ Avoid clicking on links and downloading attached documents. ✓ Avoid clicking to links deliberately asking to fill your personal information or asking for money. ✓ Ignore communications which ask for your personal information. ✓ Stay away from fake news. ✓ Install an anti-virus software on your mobile phones. ✓ Always look for “s” in http. ✓ Always download the apps from Google Play or App store which are authentic, never download it from any third- party site.