Cyber Crime Investigation


Cyber Crime Investigation provides an investigation of consumer cases confidentially. Our Team is incorporated of Cyber Investigators , consultants and former Law Enforcement professionals. Anonymous mails, defaming posting on social media sites with due anonymity, hacking, monetary frauds, stealing of intellectual property, data leakage and lots of additional such cyber-crimes could lead to huge financial losses and damage of reputation. Immediate action is required to deal with such type of crimes and our specialists assist you in chase and tracing to gather evidences for such type of crimes. Our Cyber Forensics experience team ensures to provide the essential evidences for a case. Cyber Crime Investigation is divided into following categories:- A. Computer Forensic We provide computer forensic investigation and data recovery services. This permits our digital forensic specialists to gather proof and sort them in more efficient and easy manner. Computer forensic is a potential tool of investigations which helps in gathering of digital proof against fraud, stealing and other serious crime. We provide with proper report and evidences which are accepted by the court of law. Special help and customary procedures area unit assembles digital evidences. Our specialists analyze those evidences and additional optimize the data out of these evidences. Digital evidences need special care therefore to be valid in a court of law and can be counted as the backbone of a case. B. Mobile / Cell Phone Forensic Mobile forensic is related to the recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions. With assistance of latest forensic software and gadgets, forensic data analysis is performed on advanced cell phones, binary intelligence specialists are able to extract key evidence from cellular phones, smart phones, PDAs, GPS units and different mobile devices. It is attainable to extract and recover present and deleted data from almost any cell phones. Most common digital forensic extraction includes recovery of text messages, pictures, videos and call history logs. In addition, we perform advanced forensic analyses like chip-off forensic extractions, spyware checks to see if surveillance software is installed on a device, operating system and application object recovery (Internet history, emails, tweets, etc.), and localization services to see wherever a phone has been.