A Career in Cyber Forensic

How to pursue a career in cyber forensic after 10+2?

Cyber Forensic and Cyber Security are creating a boom in the education sector where more and more students are moving towards the field of cyber forensic and cyber security.

Although there are some of the students who are willing to join this but are not getting proper guidance on the same. So, let’s discuss a career in cyber forensic.

Above all, with the growth in technology, cyber forensics, and cyber security is also growing day by day as these 2 fields are having a huge scope in the future.

As out modern civilization is much dominated by technologies and scientific development. With every crime happening every other second, the need for scientific officers has been increased who can conduct these investigations. Nowadays every other company whether private or government everyone needs a cyber forensic investigator, cyber forensic analyst, cyber security analyst, and others. Certainly, to grab one of these fantasizing opportunities one has to learn everything about these fields. And gain experience in this field, as experience does matter in this field.

Let’s discuss all the steps to help one grab these opportunities to pursue a career in cyber forensic. 

Once a student has completed his higher secondary education, the student can take admission in colleges providing a Bachelors’s degree, Masters’s degree, or diploma in cyber forensic and cyber security.

There are several colleges providing these degrees some of the colleges are:-

  • Srinivas College of Allied Health Sciences: Provides B.SC in Digital & Cyber Forensics & M.SC in Cyber Security and Forensic Science.
  • Garden City University: Provides B.SC in Cyber Forensics & Master of Science (IT) in (AI & ML) / Data Science & Cloud Computing.
  • DY Patil University Centre of Excellence: Provides B.SC in Cyber Security and Digital Forensic.
  • St.Antony’s College: Provides B.SC in Cyber Forensic.
  • SMS group of institutions: Provides B.SC in Digital Forensic Science and Cyber Security.
  • Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Deemed University): Provides B.SC in Information Security & Digital Forensics and Cyber Security & M.SC in Information Security & Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.
  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking: Provides B.SC in Digital Forensics.
  • Institute of Forensic Science: Provides Post Graduate diploma in cyber forensic.
  • Raksha Shakti University Provides M.SC in Digital Forensics
  • AJK College of Arts and Science:- Provides B.SC in Digital and Cyber forensic 
  • Gujarat Forensic Science University ( Gujarat and Delhi campus): MSC in digital forensic & Information Security & M.SC in cyber security.

From all of the above colleges, some colleges may take an entry-level entrance test for taking admission in graduation. Although some of them may take direct admissions as per 12th score.

While undergoing graduation students can go for certification courses like Certification in Cyber Forensic, Certification in Cyber Security, and Ethical Hacking.

Certification in Cyber Forensic

This course enables you to understand the comprehensive process. Which is performed during a cyber forensic investigation from identifying the cybercrime to presenting the report of digital evidence in front of the court. Students will understand various concepts like searching and seizing of digital evidence, Stenography, deleted data recovery from mobile/hard disk. Meanwhile, this course provides information about mobile forensic, computer forensic, network forensic.

Certification in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Certainly, this course provides the basic security measures of computer systems, mobile phones, or any other digital devices from hackers. This ethical hacking course in Nagpur begins with introductory-level cybersecurity skills training, then progresses to advanced cybersecurity technologies such as Cryptography, Steganography, reverse engineering, enumeration, and many more. This will provide various security protocols which are important in every aspect for protecting the private, banking financial, intellectual data, etc., and how Cybersecurity Services Help You to Stay Ahead of Network Breaches.

With these 2 qualifications students can then opt for internships in cyber security or cyber forensic domain. Several companies provide internships in the same sector. All you have to do is keep your resume updated and eyes open to see if any opportunity is there for an internship. An internship will give you more practical exposure to these two fields where you can get experience to work on live cases.

Most importantly, after completing your graduation in these fields, getting a certification, and also completing your internship, you can easily grab any of the job opportunities given by the private or government sector such as CID, RFSL, Banks, MNC’s, universities, colleges, private banks, law firms, hospitals, IT companies, as in every other sector. These are some of the job titles which you can become a part of, Cyber Forensic Investigator, Cyber Forensic Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Forensic Expert, Network Administrator, Manager-Cyber Forensic, Consultant-Cyber Forensic, The average salary for all of the above titles vary from Rs.1 Lakh-Rs.50 Lakhs.

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