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Cyber Crime Investigation Nagpur, India

If any crime has taken place and it involves the use of any digital device than we need to do the investigation of that digital device to find out the link between the suspect, the crime, the victim and crime scene. This service involves the investigation of any digital device whether a mobile phone, computer, hard disk, pen drive etc. We are Cyber crime investigation india.  

We also Provide the 65B Certificate which is an important aspect to prove an innocent/guilty in the court of law. if you are looking for cyber crime investigation India then you are at right place. contact us. 

Mobile Forensic

iphone, smartphone, apps

Includes the investigation related to the mobile phones.


Analyze the present data of the mobile phone.

Recover the deleted data from the mobile phone and analyze it

Password Cracking of Androids and iPhone.

Computer Forensic

Computer Forensic Investigation involves the investigation of the computer .


Password cracking of the computers

Finding out if computer is having any malicious programmes

Analyze the present data present

Recover the deleted Data and analyze them

monitor, binary, binary system

Network Forensic​

network, earth, block chain

Network forensic includes the investigation related to the network.


Email Verification

Email Analysis

Email Investigation

Monitor computer network traffic

Log Analysis

We Provide This Services


Mobile Forensic


Computer Forensic


Network Forensic​

We are best company for cyber crime investigation India.