IoT – Is it a threat? | Internet of Things | Advantage or Disadvantage?

People who purchase internet-enabled devices such as fridges, TV or AC leave them exposed to hackers who can use them to gain their personal information.

Many household devices purchases online are linked to the internet, also known as IoT (Internet of Things ) devices making them vulnerable. These household devices are connected to the internet to make them work more easily. Where IOT makes people work easily also makes it vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Anything connected with the internet is under the eyes of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals do always look for loopholes to track down the victims.
Our thinking of making things easy has also made it easy ways for a hacker to intrude. Cybercriminals take advantage of flaws in your network and new appliances connected to the internet.

Do you think that buying a fridge can open ways for a hacker to intrude into our daily lives?

Online fraud is growing day by day and people using appliances are connected to the internet where we can give commands to a fridge to open and close, give a reminder to buy milk, etc.
If the cybercriminal by any way gets a chance to intrude into the house it could be much difficult.
In online frauds, more than five and a half million cyber offenses are thought to take place each year according to the reports.

Sometimes the fear of fact may be like household appliances can be connected to bank account details. That can automatically order shopping stuff online when it is required. And more advanced the computer and other devices are connected with cameras which is a concern. Cybercriminals may easily have control over it and also spy on us and our daily activities.

As it has been said earlier that any device connected to the internet can be some or anytime be under a cyber attack.
One should not buy a product only based on the quality and pricing but should also look for security flaws.

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