Phishing Keywords You Should Avoid Before Getting Hacked

In this blog, we will see about Phishing Keywords You Should Avoid Before Getting Hacked!

Up till now and being a technosavy everyone would have heard about phishing. If not then please check out our blog on phishing. The purpose of any phishing attack is to lure the individuals into doing what the scammer wants.
The phishing attack either by clicking on malicious links or responding to messages.

And this is a high time where everyone should be aware of phishing. Everyone should be able to trace phishing emails as these emails can cause huge losses financially and emotionally too.
Scammers try to lure everyone they do not spare if he is a businessman, IT person, or any other. They can scam civic bodies, politicians. IT guy, celebrities, etc.

Talking about the IT guys, it has been noticed and according to the research it has been found out that most of the phishing attack. or ransomware attack or any other happening in a company is because of a mistake of their employee. The employee has hundreds of emails to get through, so they are not ready to check every email, likewise, the same thing goes with the civic bodies wherein they get lured to click on anonymous emails.

How does a phishing email look like?

There are some or other elements of a phishing email which you should always look for:

  • Business activity:- This will include emails like bill payments, contract renewals, and transaction queries. You should always note that none of the banks will send you emails like, “ your card needs to be updated or your card will be blocked” etc., until and unless you have processed the request.
  • Creating a sense of urgency:- Phishing emails will always have some matter which will make a victim respond quickly, ultimately clicking on the malicious link.
  • Unidentified email/ Decorative emails:- The phishing emails will be always decorative having some misleading information that will make and person react rapidly.

These are a few things which you should always look for. Hope you like the blog. And be aware of phishing keywords you should avoid before getting hacked.
Stay Safe! Stay Secure!

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