Police Training

Police Training

In, India wherever a crime happens the police officers of the respected police station needs to go to the crime scene to gather the evidence and many of the police stations does not have adequate tools for the collection and investigation of evidence ,Due to this most of the evidences gets tampered and most of the cases remain pending due to lack of evidence. The solution for the problem is that we will be providing the police officers of respected police stations with the primary investigation training. The information which given in training will be useful in gathering and investigating evidences such as computers, laptops, pen drive, mobile phones, SIM cards and other handheld devices. It generates information and evidences that facilitate monitoring and tracking of cyber-crimes. One of the major aims of conducting this training is to upskill the crime investigators across the district, inculcate in them a systematic cyber-crime investigation culture with awareness about cyber laws and its implication on cyber investigations and evidence chain management. The training focus is not only on primary investigation techniques, but is majorly focused on ensuring what the examiner finds are been admitted in the court of law. Sound examination process along with expertise in the evidence handling procedures are been taught.

Workshop topics:

  1. Introduction of Cyber Crime, Type of Cyber-crime and Cyber Forensic
  2. Introduction of Cyber Forensic
  3. Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  4. Investigation Report
  5. About Digital Evidence & Technologies
  6. Searching and Seizing Digital Evidence
  7. First Responder Procedure
  8. How to maintain Chain of Custody
  9. Hashing Technique
  10. How to calculate Hash
  11. Live Cases Discussion
  12. Searching and Seizing Digital Evidence

Workshop Benefits:

  1. Heavy focus on primary investigation on crime scene like seizing & securing digital evidence with Hash calculation.
  2. Hardware Products Forensics:-How to use Hashing Tool, Write blockers.
  3. Case studies and real-life examples to explain key concepts.
  4. This Entire module is designed in such a way that it will fulfill almost all needs of Investigation in the field of Cyber Forensics.
  5. Primary Seizing Process in Cyber Forensic Investigation
cyber security awareness training
cyber security awareness training

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