Starting in Cyber Forensic | Myths & Facts of Cyber Forensic

Starting in cyber forensic but don’t know from where to start? Read this full blog on cyber forensic and make all your doubts clear…

The rate of cyber attacks has been increased worldwide with a rise of 50% and also these cyber-attacks have caused over $50 billion of losses. India ranks 3rd amongst a nation that is prone to cyber-attacks.
The boom in cyber-attacks has made companies realize the need for cyber security. While implementing the cyber security guideline companies are also moving forward while hiring the Job role of cyber forensic, i.e, cyber forensic analyst, cyber forensic investigator, etc.

Let’s understand what is Computer or Cyber forensics. With Cyber Security showing its importance, cyber forensic also plays a very important role.
Cyber Forensics is the application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a computing device or mobile phone to identify the culprit behind the crime.

Cyber Forensic experts perform a detailed and thorough examination of the electronic devices by applying various forensic methods to find the culprit.

Skills to become a Computer Forensic Expert:

Just like other professions, cyber forensic also need some prerequisites. To move your carrier in cyber forensic one has to complete his/her graduation/bachelor’s degree in computer forensic and come certification. Further one can also opt for post-graduation in cyber forensic or information security.

How to obtain a degree in cyber forensic?

After completing 10+2 and moving your carrier in cyber forensic one has to complete graduation. There is a pile of colleges that provide graduation and post-graduation in cyber forensic and cyber security.
With the graduation, certification is an add-on benefit to grab a job in the Cyber forensic domain.

What certification you can get?

After completing your certification and graduation, the next step comes is to get some practical knowledge in cyber forensic by doing a job. Whatever you learn in a training center is not just enough, real learning that you will get is from a company.
Try to grab an opportunity in having an internship in cyber forensic and move ahead with a job.

Here are some myths about joining cyber forensic

  • Commerce background or non-technical background students cannot do this course
  • Programming language is mandatory
  • Plain graduates cannot do cyber forensic

Facts of Cyber Forensic

  • Certainly, any background graduate can join cyber forensics
  • Meanwhile basic computer knowledge is OK to join the course
  • Plain graduates other than Cyber forensic can also do cyber forensics

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