What is VAPT?

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The increase in cybercrime especially hacking of websites has been in the big picture for many days. Whether a small or a big organization some or others are facing a cyber-attack like hacking of websites/applications or posting of inappropriate content.

According to a news report
-In every 15 seconds a website is hacked.
-Hacking attempts have been increased by 70%
-Not only small but large organizations are facing huge financial losses.

Why do these companies are facing hacking attempts?

After talking about companies facing cyber attacks let’s talk about why are these companies facing cyber-attacks?

The very first reason is the lack of cyber security.
Cyber security is the protection of your digital assets from external attacks. To keep our companies secure from cyber attacks we have to be cyber secured.

Organizations are storing their data online, doing online activities but are lacking behind with cyber security.
Every other company that is going online should always try to keep their companies secure before they get attacked.

So how can you protect our company websites or applications?

Certainly, one can protect our company’s websites or applications by conducting VAPT.
VAPT stands for Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, wherein vulnerability assessment refers to finding out loopholes/bugs/ vulnerabilities from a website. Penetration testing refers to exploiting the bugs and finding out their level of severity.
Similarly, vulnerability assessment is a part of white and grey box testing.

What are the benefits of conducting VAPT?

  • Firstly, it helps to identify the programming errors or gaps.
  • Secures network from external attacks.
  • Secures applications from external attacks.
  • Help to overcome malicious attacks.
  • Helps to fight malicious attacks.
  • Gives a detailed view of threats on websites.
  • Protects the application/websites from getting infected with malware/viruses or trojans.

How many types of VAPT can be conducted?

  • Website VAPT
  • Network VAPT
  • Application Testing
  • API Testing

Who can conduct VAPT?

Any reputed organization having experience in Cyber security with a team of experts can conduct VAPT.

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