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Be Aware While Posting on Facebook

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Be aware while posting on Facebook. You never know what may happen, a single click can be hazardous and can be life-threatening. People, there is no such thing without a touch of invention and passion, which are interwoven in the art and science of technology. Time has changed and technology has also changed, but the niche of protection and security is increasingly turning people towards the exercise of destruction and ruining of our lives. All around this globe there is a neurosis of the word ‘exploiting’ of our personal stuff within a fraction of seconds. Yes, people! Self space and pictures can lead to the rapid multiplication of pornography by some known/unknown strangers. I am talking about the way networking junkies are pasting our personal pictures and are creating a much-needed difference for us.

Be aware while posting on facebook- A single Click can be Hazardous:-

Girls, it’s all for you to be aware while posting on Facebook as your single picture can be distributed and then significantly coddled just for the sake of entertainment and fun. These network junkies are said to be the leading hunters to create all your nude replicas and stuff on porn websites. Even this is not enough; they also circulate this amongst your friends and frenemies by creating your fake-id profiles on Facebook. Damn it guys! But, this is the reality that is hard to digest. Every minute, every hour, every second, and every week, 10 out of 8 girls have been facing this shameless exploitation. Of course, people can’t be stopped for this unhealthy attitude, but it is we who can freeze this by putting a full stop to these personal postings. This is not all about reading and shutting your PCs, it’s about creating a protective shell just for yourselves.

Deeper considerations on sexual harassment:-

Technical aspects such as the presence of metadata can automatically embed your personal pictures, status, and posts and can invite vulnerabilities to various threats. Personal grudges, one sided-love, timely infatuation, breakups, conflicts, threatening, insults, and still many proximities can urge to the unpredictable consequences. It is just a work of nanoseconds and all your personal stuff is spread evenly by your foes, friends or can also be someone from your family. As a result of all these embarrassments, girls end up either committing suicide and losing their relations. Also hiding the things of being a victim of all these activities and waiting for the things to get clear is still not an appropriate solution to end the problem. Rather, there are many cyber forensic experts who are there for your help and will provide you with a quick fix.

No privacy on Facebook?

Pasting, sharing, and then copying the photos have created sexually exploiting stories in the CBIs. Even though Facebook has a setting for your privacy-related terms, but all these are short-term attempts to secure your accounts, yet they can create awkward postings. The 2012 Boston report brings into considerations how our personal photos were exploited and pasted on pornography websites. Even after maintaining the terms and services of the Facebook group, there is still a greater chance of getting sexual exploitation.

Personal disputes and grudges are the main highlights:-

Even parents posting pictures of their kids or children don’t realize the disadvantages of getting equally engaged in all sorts of criminal activities on the web. In 2012, the “New York Daily News” reported that a Washington, D.C., conducted a survey about the Facebook pictures on teens and they got to know that there were major personal reasons or disputes or personal grudges who are behind all these harmful activities on the web. So, it is basically for the parents not to post their kids or any other pictures of their families. It’s really becoming quite dangerous to become prone to all such activities. Family pictures can be the reason for quarrels:- There is definitely a point in maintaining own privacies in terms of pictures. But there are times when parents share the childhood pictures of their kids and this can create troubles and confusion in their own family backgrounds.