FORnSEC Solutions believes in securing the client’s valuable data.


FORnSEC Solutions is fruitful basket having technosavy’s who help their clients with solving the high tech crimes.

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FORnSEc Solutions is incorporated with number of services related to cyber forensic ,Mobile Forensic, Network Forensic.


FORnSEC Solutions believes in having transparency with the client

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The FORnSEC Solutions came to existence to bestow diversified services along with education to our civic bodies and LEA to forestall as well as investigate the high-tech crimes.


FORnSEC Solutions Is One of the Leading Cyber Crime Investigation Company

The FORnSEC Solutions is formed to provide Digital Forensic Services and Education to our Public and LEA for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.
The main aim of FORnSEC solutions is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the clients.
Our Team is fused with the Cyber Forensic Investigators, Counselors, Cyber Security Analyst, Consultants, and IT Experts. Phishing , Email Bombing , Hacking , Posting anonymous information on social media , these actions may become a high risk factor for business or for an individual , Immediate action is required to deal with such type of crimes and our specialists assist you to chase and trace the culprit and gather evidences for such type of crimes.

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Cyber Crime Investigation provides an investigation of consumer cases confidentially. Our Team is incorporated of Cyber Investigators , consultants and former Law Enforcement professionals.


Our technical consultant assist you in coming up with your security design to satisfy compliance and today’s information security problem, policies, standards, laws and regulations.


Divorce litigation is one of the dispute resolution methods open to divorcing people, where the parties will have the issues of the disputes settled in a family court. Nowadays digital evidence plays an important role in most of the cases

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The working Procedure of FORnSEC Solutions is very straight and simple ,Let’s just have a look to the working flow.


You can get book services all through a call and even online.


Once we get a confirmation from our customer then we go through that particular enquiry/Service.


The last step is to provide the customer with the report/feedback that is the result.

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Here are some examples of the work done by the team of FORnSEC Solutions.

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Social Networking

As today's youngsters are very familiar with using technology and are on almost every social networking site; a college youngster sent vulgar images and illicit messages to a school principal in her personal chats. The principal registered a complaint against the person at her nearest police station and discussed her problem with the police officer. The policeman asked the account details of the woman and had a look on the messages sent by the youngster. To verify the case from a cyber crime expert, the policeman called me at the police station. The police officer discussed the woman's case with me and I had a glance at the images and also on messages. To investigate the matter, I seized the mobile phone of the culprit and did forensic analysis of the electronic gadget. Within no time, I found those images and messages sent by him to the mobile phone. I also took several computer screenshots of the principal's facebook account containing those messages as an evidence and generated the SHA-1 hash value of the individual image. Along with that, I provided 65(B) admissibility of electronics record evidence act report, so that the case can hold up in the court of law and the culprit must admit his wrong doings. The case was registered under the act Section 67 A.

Murder Case

Nagpur city shook with the murder of a young engineering student because of a mistaken identityThe 23-year-old engineering student was killed due to a mistaken identity. The assailants, who were given a Supari for Rs 1.40 lakhs, had presumed the girl to be another third year student who was not even her friend. The only common thread was they went to the same college and also resided in the same hostel. The girl who was supposed to be murdered , who was also a student of College of Engineering for Women, was the target of the killers who had come from Katol. While She was a third-year student of electronics, while the girl who was to be murdered belonged to the third year batch of computer engineering. We were called by the police officers to help investigate the case , We didn’t had any clue as there were no CCTV footage or any eye witness so ,there we did the tower analysis of all the towers present nearby, we found out the list of all people connected to that towers and sorted them with the help of CDR Analysis software, where through analysis we sorted out the localides , and than after much more complex sorting we found 15 Suspected people , who which from 15 one of the individual after interrogating and questioning done by police officials , he finally revealed the story behind the murder .

Financial fraud

One of the biggest online fraud which was held in 2013. The case was as , There was a company which was a online survey marketing company. In this scam around 24 lakh people were duped of over Rs 2,200 crore, The members who paid Rs 11,000 would get a password to open an account on the company site. At least two survey forms were displayed to each member. For completing these, members would get more than Rs 4,000 per month. Apart from that, each member would get Rs 1,000 as commission for referring others. However, the surveys were later found to be fake. We assisted the ED while working on the case , We helped out the ED to extract the data from the server and performed forensic analysis to sort out the customer data and their investment. And there we found out the list of all the customers who invested money into the Company

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