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Divorce litigation support


Divorce Litigation Support is one of the dispute resolution methods open to divorcing people, where the parties will have the issues of the disputes settled in a family court. Nowadays digital evidence plays an important role in most of the cases. In the court of law evidence play an important role to prove the guilty or innocent. We help you to provide with cyber forensic investigation services in any of the digital media to have a evidence to prove in the court of law.

Contrary to olden days our every document as well as all activities is in virtual form. As the most usable electronic device is smart phone. In this situation we provide you the service through which from smart phone we recover call recordings, WhatsApp data, text messages, Instagram communication with a verification which will be admissible in court of law and with this you get the potentiality in your case. we have best solution for divorce litigation support call us now.

Services offered

  1. Audio Recording Analysis
  2. CCTV footage Analysis
  3. Video Recording Analysis
  4. Transcription
  5. Deleted Data Recovery
  6. 65B Certificate
  7. Expert Testimony
  8. English Transcripts
  9. Hindi Transcripts
  10. Marathi Transcripts
  11. Complete Mobile Analysis
  12. Hard Drive Data Recovery