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Cyber forensic lab setup


Cyber Forensic Lab becomes a most mandatory aspect if we need to solve any cyber forensic case. A cyber  lab has all its software’s and hardware’s that are needed for cyber forensic investigation , as it is been said that cyber forensic investigation should be conducted in “forensically sound conditions” One of the most mandatory aspect of a cyber forensic lab is to have a commensurate framework for the successful interpretation of digital evidence. We provide you with a solution to have your own cyber forensic lab.

It should be kept in mind that for a Cyber Forensics Cell, infrastructure does not only include technical infrastructure but also assets such as adequate working space, dedicated communication lines, a 24-hour internet connection among others which should be made available to the cyber forensic expertsworking on cyber-crime cases.

Services offered

  • Cyber Forensic Lab Setup
  • Large Setup
  • Small Setup
  • Setup according to requirements
  • Updated Tool
  • Mobile Forensic Tools
  • Computer Forensic Tools
  • Network Forensic Tools
  • Imaging/Cloning Tools