We live in an era where the use of electronic devices has rapidly increase. And due to increase of usage every individual has maximum documents, snapshots, audios, important messages, etc. are in electronic basis and if due to some circumstances data get vanish or deleted it become very difficult for a commoner to deal with this problem but, who said that deleted data won’t revived? We are here to recover your deleted data from any of your digital device. and we provide data recovery Nagpur. 

Mobile phone

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  • We can provide with the chat history of Messenger apps like WhatsApp , Facebook , Viber , SMS etc
  • We can recover deleted chat history from mobile phones
  • Every process is done without any harm to the digital device.
  • We can recover other deleted digital media like Photos , music , videos and other.

Memory card


  • We can recover the deleted multimedia from all types of memory cards.
  • Processes are performed in a working clean environment
flash memory, pendrive, memory card

SIM card

sim card, card, phone


  • We can recovery any deleted Contacts from any type of Sim Card.

Pen drives


  • We can also recover specified data also
  • Proper recovery is done without any corruption
  • Positive results are given
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Hard disk

hdd, hard disk, disk


  • We can recover deleted data from normal hard drives or corrupted Hard Drives
  • Data is provided in separate digital asset 
  • Recovery is performed in clean working environment

DVR hard disk


  1. We can recover deleted /corrupted data from DVR Hard Drives
  • Data is provided in separate digital asset       
  • Recovery is performed in clean working forensically sound conditions.
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