FORnSEC Solutions

Corporate fraud investigation


When a company finds out that some of his employees are transferring some information out of the company or any other issue related to the company where a company may have some financial loss there come the corporate investigation.

 Corporate Investigation is additionally called work investigations. We are expertise at handling problems involving employment law, civil law and criminal law with greatest sophistication. Our field investigations, such as surveillance and staff Compensation Fraud investigations, offer legal evidences and detailed reports. If necessary, our field investigators will fully testify the findings in depositions and court hearings.

Services offered

  • Hard Disk cloning/imaging
  • Server Cloning/Imaging
  • Digital forensic analysis of PC , Laptop , or mobile phones
  • Email Analysis
  • Informative Reports
  • Legitimate Reports
  • Malware Analysis
  • Fraud Detection
  • Network Checking
  • Email Analysis