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Cybercrimes are continuously escalated in India. As more cybercrimes are reported and thus there is a need for a qualified cyber forensic investigator. Meanwhile, FORnSEC Solutions solutions provide you training courses to give complete knowledge of the cyber forensic investigation. 

This course enables you to understand the comprehensive process which is performed during a cyber forensic investigation from identifying the cybercrime to presenting the report of digital evidence in front of the court. Students will understand various concepts like searching and seizing of digital evidence, Stenography, deleted data recovery from mobile/hard disk. This course provides information about mobile forensic, computer forensic, network forensic.

This field of cyber forensic is all about investigating digital devices/gadgets such as computers, mobile phones, laptops involve in the crime. In the end, it gives the basic idea about criminology in today’s world and IT ACT which includes various sections and penalties. Similarly, Case studies examples have been presented for practical approaches and this whole course will assist you in carrying cybercrime investigation in an effective manner. Certified Cyber Forensic Investigator has a very good package. Get our course now. 

Key Benefits Of This certification

-This course will acknowledge you with the basics of Computer Forensics, Computer Forensic Investigation which would be beneficial not only for students but also for LEA, Advocates, CA.

-As practical knowledge is a must where if students are getting to work on live cases, which would become the icing on cake So, this course provides practical alignment of cyber forensics investigation with case studies which is useful for career growth in the future.

-There’s high demand for qualified cyber forensics professionals because nearly every police department needs trained candidates with suitable credentials.

-As the number of cybercrime increasing day by day. Similarly, the job requirements available in India are 100,000+ and are expected to grow 300,000+ in the upcoming year.

-Various job roles in this course are cyber forensic expert, cyber forensic analyst, digital forensic analyst, digital forensic analyst, etc

-There are a number of jobs available in the IT sector, government sector, banking sector, military and defense sector, airlines, manufacturing, etc. with the highest package.

-This course is helpful for the students who want to grab opportunities in the government sector, IT sector, banking, military, and defense sector, and MNC’s.

The course modules of the course are as below:-

1. Introduction to cyber forensics
2. Understanding of hard disk, mobile architecture and its operating systems
3. Types of cyber crime and pointers in reporting cyber crime
4. Role of cyber forensic investigator
5. Cyber forensic investigation process and digital evidence
6. First responder process
7. Computer Forensic and its tools
8. Data acquisition and duplication
9. Image forensic and stenography
10. Audio and video forensic
11. Network forensic and its tools
12. Email forensic, email tracing, and Investigating headers
13. Mobile forensic and its tools
14. Malware analysis and its tools
15. Forensic Investigation Report (hash value report, Mobile forensic report, 65-B report)
16. Expert witness
17. Cyber forensic in action- Case studie

This Programme is designed for the professionals who want to learn cyber forensics.

  • Target Audience
  • Students
  • Corporates
  • Police Officers
  • Banking
  • Professionals
  • Government Agencies
  • Digital Forensic Service Providers


After completing with the modules , a certificate is awarded after passing the examination.

The Passing score is 70% with 3 trials.