FORnSEC Solutions


Problem Statement

Most of the computer forensic examinations are conducted off-site in a laboratory setting. That is the optimal setting. Sometimes, however, examiners must travel to various locations to respond to incidents or seize evidence. And sometimes, the examiner must perform some or all of the examination on-site. Often times these sites can be hostile in nature, including the homes or businesses of suspects. What an examiner requires is a computer forensics toolkit. To conduct an examination on-site, the examiner needs to have essentially the same technical capacity they would have in the laboratory environment. Predicting what is behind the suspect’s door is oftentimes impossible, so many examiners have response kits.


Cyber forensic Product basket for crime scene procedures is designed to fight against cybercrime where the basket  consist of various cyber forensic tools which are useful in gathering e-evidences and collating the sequence of events from digital equipment, such as computers, laptops, pen drive, memory cards, mobile phones, SIM cards and other handheld devices. It generates information and evidences that facilitate monitoring and tracking of cyber-crimes.

Tools inside The Basket

  • Forensic laptops
  • Tool sets
  • Digital Camera
  • Case Folder
  • Blank forms
  • Software
  • Forensic Imager Software (Imaging with Hash of Storage Media)
  • Mobile Data Recovery Software
  • Mobile Data Analysis Software
  • SIM card Data Analysis Software
  • Data Recovery Software
  • Hash Calculator & Report Generation
  • Cables for data transfer (network, crossover, USB, etc.)
  • Blank hard drives and other media
  • USB Protector (Write blocking Tool)
  • SIM Card Reader Hardware
  • Forensic Memory Card Reader Hardware
  • Signal Blocking bag
  • Evidence Collection Bag
  • Live Response tool
  • CDR Analysis tool
  • Antistatic Bag
  • Antistatic Belt
  • Accessories (Tape, Badges ,Stick Notes, Gloves ,Permanent marker.)
  • Cyber Forensic Basket

Why This Kit?

Why is this kit useful in cyber crime investigation?

Easy to Use

Updated Tools

Report Generation