Anti Radiation Chip/Sticker for MOBILES/TABLETS/WIFI/LAPTOPS

More About Product

Mobirays Protector Anti Radiation chip is a small chip based product which is made for the purpose to convert harmful radiation into positive radiation emitting from the digital assets.

Incredible Features

The radiation chip takes care of the non-thermal aspect of radiation emitted from electronic devices by changing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiation emitted from them so that there is no biological damage to the human body.

Meanwhile, the radiation chip does not absorb, deflect or reduce the intensity of the radiation, and therefore the signal quality or functioning of any electronic device it is fixed on is not compromised.

Likewise, the radiation chip is a passive device and generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry the constant microwaves emitted from mobile phones, computers, and other WiFi devices in a random form to make them compatible with the body’s wave forms, which are no longer harmful to the human body.

Tested and certified at reputed labs and institutions for its effectiveness and usability.

Reduces the stress level in the human body by over 5% which is medically significant

Radiation chip neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from the Wireless devices.

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