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Mobiscanner an Ultimate protector of Your Android devices which is designed and developed for
mobile malware/spyware scanning. This tool scans the complete mobile phone looking for presence of any harmful applications.

Why MOBIScanner?

With the Advancement in Technologies & our android phones upgrading their OS, there are also some Cyber Threats which may affect our day-to-day activities.

  • One such Cyber Threat which can be frustrating is a spyware or malware. With spyware/malware an attacker can get all the information about you & your online activities such as video recording, audio recording, credit card details, credentials, calls, contact, social media apps, etc.
  • Due to the presence of spyware/malware people are facing issues like lagging of mobile phones, low battery performance, increase in consumption of mobile data, etc. so to overcome these issues MOBIScanner can be used for detection of these applications.



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An Ultimate Protector if android phones


I had great user experience with this application and it’s really useful for scanning the viruses in mobile device.


This application is work very well and for detail scanning, i bought premium membership after getting report … One word … Its ‘ worth ‘ to use this application.

Sanket Sathe

Excellent app for mobile malware scanning

Adesh Yeole

Application really works and its premium membership is very worth to buy, app its great to use for scanning viruses.

Abhimanyu Navhate