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a well planned murder

Nagpur city shook with the murder of a young engineering student because of a mistaken identity The 23-year-old engineering student was killed due to a mistaken identity. and it was a murder case The assailants, who were given a Supari for Rs 1.40 lakhs, had presumed the girl to be another third year student who was not even her friend. The only common thread was they went to the same college and also resided in the same hostel. The girl who was supposed to be murdered , who was also a student of College of Engineering for Women, was the target of the killers who had come from Katol. While She was a third-year student of electronics, while the girl who was to be murdered belonged to the third year batch of computer engineering. We were called by the police officers to help investigate the case , We didn’t had any clue as there were no CCTV footage or any eye witness so ,there we did the tower analysis of all the towers present nearby, we found out the list of all people connected to that towers and sorted them with the help of CDR Analysis software, where through analysis we sorted out the localides , and than after much more complex sorting we found 15 Suspected people , who which from 15 one of the individual after interrogating and questioning done by police officials , he finally revealed the story behind the murder case.