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bank fraud case

The bank fraud cases were tricky to solve but yet was successful. The case was as the fraudulent here targeted a reputed bank and did a transaction of a lump sum amount. He directly got access to the bank server and started doing his activities while deducting an amount from the bank. We were here called by the bank officials and police officials to conduct the investigation. Once started the investigation we thoroughly started with checking the servers and computers with further investigation we came to know that a malicious URL was sent to all email ID’s of the bank and one of the employees clicked on the link (unknowingly that it was malicious) which in context was malicious, through this link, the hacker got access to the system/server and carried on his activities. We traced down the mails, and other aspects to find the culprit behind the crime. We also did imaging of the suspected hard disk and analyzed the hard disk using various hard disk forensic tools. And at last came to know that this fraud, availability of data was done with only a single click. To close the case we also provided a detailed report of the case having case details, summary, tools used, findings, result, and conclusion.