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financial fraud

One of the biggest  online fraud was held in 2013. The case was as there was a company which was an online survey marketing company. In this scam around 24 lakh, people were duped at over Rs 2,200 crore. The members who paid Rs 11,000 would get a password to open an account on the company site. At least two survey forms were displayed to each member. For completing these, members would get more than Rs. 4,000 per month. Apart from that, each member would get Rs. 1,000 as commission for referring others. However, the surveys were later found to be fake. We assisted the ED while working on the case. We helped out the ED to extract the data from the server and performed forensic analysis to sort out the customer data and their investment. And there we found out the list of all the customers who invested money into the Company.