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Use of social media

As today’s youngsters are very familiar with using technology and are on almost every social networking site; a college youngster sent vulgar images and illicit messages to a school principal in her personal chats. The principal registered a complaint against the person at her nearest police station and discussed her problem with the police officer. The policeman asked the account details of the woman and had a look on the messages sent by the youngster. To verify the case from a cyber crime expert, the policeman called me at the police station. The police officer discussed the woman’s case with me and I had a glance at the images and also on messages. To investigate the matter, I seized the mobile phone of the culprit and did forensic analysis of the electronic gadget. Within no time, I found those images and messages sent by him to the mobile phone. I also took several computer screenshots of the principal’s facebook account containing those messages as an evidence and generated the SHA-1 hash value of the individual image. Along with that, I provided 65(B) admissibility of electronics record evidence act report, so that the case can hold up in the court of law and the culprit must admit his wrong doings. The case was registered under the act Section 67 A.