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In this modern era, we people make extreme use of gadgets to share data like images, songs, or any document file. But we are still unaware of some facts. You ever thought that you can insert a file in an image? The answer is ‘YES’. You can. In the past few years in the world of crime, there is a huge extended discussion on ‘STEGANOGRAPHY’ especially when terrorists started making use of steganography in their attacks.

is nothing but sending a secret message in encrypted form in images, audio, file, etc. Meanwhile, this technique is tremendously used by terrorists so that the transfer of their secret data remains unsuspected. It is mainly used to hide send of confidential data during transmission. And others won’t be able to get access to the hidden file. We all know the story about ‘WORLD TRADE CENTRE’ (WTC), where al-Queda hijacked a plane and crashed it over WTC. In that case, al-Queda made use of the steganography technique by sending ‘hiding maps and photographs of terrorists and instructions for terrorist activities in the pornographic form’.

If there’s one thing the FBI hates more than Osama bin Laden, it’s when Osama bin Laden starts using the Internet. For example, if two parties want to exchange a piece of confidential information and want that, no one should get an idea about it. But even if the third party gets access to their information, they may see a file or image. But is not able to collect the hidden data due to copyright protection. Steganography can be used for different purposes, some good or some bad. But it is not too easy for an average person to detect a steganography file. The conclusion is, the technology may be easy to use but difficult to detect. But Really, difficult.